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The network of BiCE restaurants, spanning the world today, began in 1926 in Milan, Italy.  Beatrice Ruggeri, ‘BiCE to her family and friends, was known for her extraordinary hospitality and personal warmth.  For years she was encouraged to open her cucina to the public.  In 1926 she agreed, albeit reluctantly, and a neighborhood trattoria:  loosely translated "a friendly gathering place” was opened.  With Bice in the kitchen and her brothers and sisters serving in the dining room, Il Ristorante da Gino e Bice, or BiCE as it would later be known as, had a family feeling when you walked in.  The first customers to dine at BiCE commented that it was like dining at the home of a friend, just as BiCE hoped they would feel.  Bice Ruggeri was now a recognized Milanese restaurateur and her sons, Remo and Roberto, have been following in her footsteps to extend her vision throughout the world with their many locations.

"All Around the Globe people simply say...Let's Go To BiCE!!!"

Promotion video for Bice Restaurant Orlando at Portofino Bay Hotel Group Sales

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DP Ben Lesker Photos provided by: Ginger Midgett & Randy Chapman